Thursday, April 20, 2006

Be a Pal o' Paolo

I swore my blogging days were over after a friend leaked my blog address to my employers (Big Brother IS watching!), but when Scott Huffines (Master Scout of Interesting Web Sites) sent me the MySpace profile of nutty Irishman Paolo (pictured left), I had to share it. Apparently Paolo posted a bizarre music video clip - "Butterfly Ball" by Ronnie James Dio - taken from the Atomic TV Web site, and Scott, like me, was obviously impressed by his musical taste. And what's not to like? "First band I ever loved was Queen," says Paolo, "and I have pretty much every thing they ever made although I think Brian May and Roger Taylor are a pair of sellout c***'s" (the latter remark no doubt a reaction to the questionable recent replacement of the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury by Paul Rogers for megabucks touring purposes).

Paolo really struck me with his good taste - his fave TV show was Twin Peaks and his fave author is Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami (very cool!) and, like me, he likes any movies with Jimmy Stewart or Jimmy Cagney in them. He even lists Frank Sinatra under musical faves (my all-time favorite singer, bar none). Anyway, check out Paolo's Myspace Profile. It's Blarney Bizarro!

Oh, and here's Paolo's hilarious "bio":
I was born a poor black child and have since gone on to become one of the countries experts on the social welfare system. As a young child i organised mass demonstrations, during mass, they did not go down well and by the age of 11 I had been banished from the village. At the age of 13 my plans for world domination were twarted by a low flying goose who snached them from my hand. That goose went on to become the first president of Chad. When I reached 15 the villagers accepted me back into the community on the condition that I call everyone Commander and skip everywhere. At 18 I had had enough and with the help of my new sidekick Jesus (pronounced Hey Zeus) overthrew the County Council and set up my own Principality. By the time the people knew what was going on I had already contaminated their water with Agent 0.0 which caused them to shrink to the size of a minogue. Two years ago Jesus bumped his head and woke up with some kind of god complex. I have been in exile since. ..


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