Monday, November 13, 2006

Eye Carumba!

Want a good optical freakout that may be hazardous to your health and induce seizures? Say no more, just watch Huckleberry Lain's ocular workout Untitled Flicker, which the director describes as "a play of the three primary colors and their three complementary colors. Those prone to epileptic seizures: be warned."

HUCKLEBERRY LAIN- "UNTITLED FLICKER" (2004, 16mm, 2 minutes)

This is not to be confused with another seizure-inducing experimental film, Tony Conrad's The Flicker (1966), which explored similar optical turf but in black & white. This notorious film by the man responsible for coming up with the name of The Velvet Underground (along with John Cale, Tony Conrad was an early member of the Theatre of Eternal Music, AKA The Dream Syndicate) explored the 24 frames-per-second pulsebeat of flickering light, which is potentially hazardous for photogenic epileptics or photogenic migraine sufferers.

I don't know much about Huckleberry Lain, but he has his own Website (listed below), where his bio says he makes films "questioning the limit of human senses or the limits of equipment abilities." He has also acted in the films of George and Mike Kuchar. Why does that not surprise me?

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