Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Generation Exploitation

My new favorite blog is Kliph Nesteroff's "Generation Exploitation," the Internet version of his zine of the same title, which he describes as "Weird Records, Shitty Old Comics, Exploitation Movies, Hammy Old Time Comedy, and So On." Life is good for Kliph these days as WFMU, the Internet's coolest radio station, features a new Kliph posting every Sunday morning; see WFMU's Beware of the Blog for more.

Certainly no blogger today finds more bizarre and obscure pop artifacts (weird records, shitty old comics, exploitation movies, hammy old time comedy, and so on) than this kooky Canuck from Vancouver. Case in point, this incredibly racist Asian stereotype picture for Jerry Lewis' 1980 film Hardly Working:

Oh that Jerry! And I thought Mickey Rooney's buck-toothed Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast At Tiffany's was bad! And here's another disturbing image - Don Knots as Charlie Chan (Et tu, Barney?):

For more in this vein, see Kliph's "Yellow Face: The Other Hollywood Racism" post.

And you gotta love this Archie comic cover that features Arch "beating off" Betty's suitors!

And I really like Kliph's article about midget actor Harry Earles: Freak! Baby! Munchkin! The Unique Physique: Harry Earles. Earles was best known as the star of Tod Browning's 1932 cult classic Freaks, but this little man had a much bigger (and fascinating) career than you might expect.

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