Saturday, April 28, 2007

Living Large

Good old MySpace, home of "social networking" (i.e., sex tourists, fame-whore bands and soulless telemarketers-on-the-Net). No wonder I rue the day I decided to create a MySpace profile and jump on this fast-fading bandwagon. Today I received a new friend request from someone named Regina. The attached photo looked hot, so I clicked on it expecting to see yet another Web sex scam site with free pix of young nubiles. There are worse ways to start your day than gawking at free girly pix.

But instead, I was surprised to see that Regina was selling me a penis enlargement device! Here's her whole spiel about the FastSize Extender, "The only medically-backed and proven enlargement device in the world":
Regina's Blurb

Sorry, Regina, but I don't need your device to enlarge my procreative hydraulics. Gazing at your photo did the trick for me, and for free!


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