Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rotundo on The Simpsons

Soy un perdidor! I could bicycle kick myself for missing last night's soccer-themed episode of The Simpsons that featured the rotund one himself, Brazil and AC Milan superstar Rotundo - er, I mean, Ronaldo - giving soccer tips to Lisa Simpson. I was off at Target dealing with the Brain Trust known as the Electronics Department in a most vexing and time-consuming attempt to get the $88 Polaroid camera and portable DVD player sales advertised in the Sunday paper. Mission accomplished, but at what a pop cultural cost!

Rumor has it that Ronaldo's appearance was an attempt to pacify Brazilians who took umbrage at an episode a few years back in which the Simpsons went to the country and experienced all kinds of crimes that reflected poorly on the country. But though I missed Homer's knuckle-headed take on the world's most popular sport, there is this previous episode in which Springfield learned to embrace the low-scoring, tie-prone Beautiful Game's most appealing (to Americans) aspect: fan violence and rioting. Now see why Homer vowed "I'll kill myself if Portugal doesn't win!"

Mexico - Portugal Nos Simpsons (3:28)


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