Thursday, April 19, 2007

Twitch Twitch

There's a town I know where the hep cats go called Bedrock, twitch twitch
- Rock Van Cool, "Twitch Twitch," The Flintstones

The Itch, I got it!
- Kix, "The Itch"

My right eye has been twitching constantly, even in my
sleep, like Inspector Clouseau's beleagured boss Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom, pictured left in pre
-twitch mode). I made an appointment to see an eye doctor about it, but
after all the money I spent related to my hot-water heater bursting and
the resultant bizarre toe injury (Reynauld's Syndrome), I figured I'd
bag it. Little did I know that eye twitching is "hot" as far as
Internet inquiries go. Always a trend-setter, moi. The author of The Blog From
Another Dimension
wrote a post about his eye twitching
incident and almost immediately received 250 hits on his site, which
suddenly became the Mecca for EyelidTwitchers; he even invented a term for his malady: myokymia, from "Myo-" the Greek root for "eye" and "-kymia" from "I'm making up this etymology."

Truth be told there's an official fancy medical term for involuntary eye twitching: Blepharospasm. It is also referred to as an eye muscle spasm. (Great, now I'm an eye spazz.) The term blepharospasm
really applies to any abnormal blinking or involuntary eye twitching of
the eyelids caused by uncontrolled contractions of the muscles around
the eyelids. Bottom line cause is the obvious: stress, fatigue, lack of
sleep and too much caffeine. All the things I love and cherish.

God, I'm getting as many maladies these days as chronic medical moper Morrissey, a notorious hypochondriac. When I mentioned my latest affliction to my co-worker Michelle, I asked, "Do you think I'm a hypochondriac?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" she countered.

OK, 'nuff said!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get the same kind of twitch in my eyelid. I believe it comes from stress and lack of sleep.

Get some rest and relax.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Here's a great resource on eye twitching:

Eye Twitching, Eyelid Twitching, Eye Spasms - How To Stop Eye Twitching From Driving You Mad

12:06 AM  
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