Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wild Thing

Just when you think MySpace is a waste of time, you get a friend request like this from Tina/Linda, a gal who looks very healthy physically despite an apparent mental identity crisis (under Tina's "About me" profile, she writes, " name is Linda and I'm originally from So Cal. I take pride in my figure and I work pretty hard for it.") Who would want to be enemies with someone like this? Tina/Linda is a testament to the collective power of merging genetics and technology with All-American free-market commerce.

Case in point, here Tina/Linda demonstrates how a simple Webcam can help a girl finance her college education:

As she puts it:
"Gee, where do I start. I spend just about all my free time on my computer. My webcam is always on. There's something about knowing I'm being watched that really turns me on. When guys instant message me and say that they're watching me, I always give them a show. I love getting wild and erotic. So register today and you'll get to see and hear me moan on cam."

Ah, commerce and coeds, a match made in MySpace!

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