Friday, May 04, 2007

Hungover Gourmet Visits Lex Mart

I see that Dan Taylor of The Hungover Gourmet ("the journal of food, drink, travel and fun") is appearing Friday, May 4, 6-7 p.m. at the Atomic Books table in the "Filmmaker Tent Village" at this year's Maryland Film Festival. I like this little zine, and recently picked up the issue that had Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas (America's #1 competitive eating champion) on the cover - she was in Crabtown last April for the Phillips Seafood Crab Cake-Eating Contest at the Inner Harbor (setting a new world record by consuming 46 3-oz Phillips Crab Cakes in 10 minutes).

The new online issue of Hungover Gourmet goes one better as Dan Taylor tales a trip to one of my favorite downtown lunchtime options, The Lexington Market. After a trip to Faidley's Seafood, Dan realizes what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant when he called Baltimore "the gastronomical capital of the world."

The Lexington Market also affords a primer in local fashion and culture. The crowd that hangs outside the Market is always entertaining, be it the white yo boys looking tough in their "G Unit" XXL t-shirts, the vendors hawking bootleg DVDs of movies still playing in the cineplex, or the people dancing and singing in the crosswalks, holding up traffic. Inside, the highlight for me is the Korean-run soul food shack Country Kitchen, home of Baltimore's best collard greens, bar none. And though I no longer eat meat, the stall called Sausage Master holds a place in my heart because it sounds like a '70s porn film that might have played in NYC's 42nd Street "cultural arts" district.

Read the full review below:
Lexington Market Review

And here's the full Atomic Books author/auteur tent appearance schedule:

FRIDAY (5/4)
4PM - 5PM: Mike White - Cashiers Du Cinemart
6PM-7PM: Dan Taylor - The Hungover Gourmet

1PM - 2PM: Dominick Salemi - Brutarian
1PM - 3PM: Davida Gypsy Breier - Xerography Debt, Leeking Ink
1PM - 3PM: Patrick Tandy - Smile, Hon, You're In Baltimore

3PM - 4PM: Gene Gregorits - Midnight Mavericks
3PM - 4PM: Arnold T. Blumberg, Andy Hershberger - Zombiemania
4:30PM - 6PM: Josh Slates - Travels Through Elsewhere Cinema & many short films

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