Tuesday, July 17, 2007

They Don't Know About Us

But I Do

Kirsty MacColl's 1979 debut single "They Don't Know About Us" is one of my all-time fave ballads. But I think I first heard it in 1983 on Tracey Ullman's excellent (and out-of-print) You Broke My Heart in 17 Places LP and must admit I like her Epic Emo Version best, with it's souped-up Brill Building Dramarama. (Incidentally, MacColl performed backing vocals on Ullman's version, which went as high as #2 in the U.K. and #8 in the U.S. and became the theme song for most of her Tracey Ullman Show television series.) The video featured a cameo from Paul McCartney; at the time Ullman was filming a minor role in McCartney's film Give My Regards To Broad Street.


But nothing brings home the power and beauty of this song like this version by 17-year-old Molly from Brookhaven, who posts under the name guitaristablaze. She overcomes physical limitations to play the song she loves. On YouTube, they make reference to the fact that Molly's covering Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard' s version of the song. Whatever. Thanks to Scott Huffines for alerting me to this vid.


I like both versions. One over-produced and over-the-top campy, one stripped down and minimal but true.

Molly's Other Videos


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