Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love Land, South Korea

Follow the Yellow Prick Road?

Don't recall how I came across this, but here are some pix from a sex theme park on Jeju (or Cheju) Island off South Korea that is supposedly a hot spot for honeymooners and kids alike (children under 12 get in free if accompanied by adults! Can you imagine Bart Simpson here?). It's called Jeju Loveland and looks like what Jeffrey Koons would come up with if asked to design a theme park. And I thought the Japanese had cornered the market on sexual fetishism!

I checked out the official website for Loveland and learned that it opened in November 2004 in this southermost Korean island (pictured at right) that is condidered a tropical paradise for Korean vacationers. In 2002, 20 artists who were graduates of Hongik University in Seoul started creating what would eventually be 140 sculptures in Korea’s only sexual theme park. No wonder they chose to open the park offshore from the mainland. South Korea is still very traditional when it comes to sexual mores, a land where public displays of affection are frowned upon, living together is considered sinful, and being single after age 30 is a sign of failure (or homoexuality).

An erect phallus is the elephant in the room this woman tries to ignore.

Sex is a grind: The mechanics of love.

Love lies limp.

Men answering nature's call.

These babes look friendly, but have hearts of stone.

Just Another Prick in the Wall:
Backdoor Glory Hole Shennanigans or Symbol of Korea's Hopes for Reunification? You make the call.

It's not over 'till the fat lady schwings.

Man of Marble pimps his ride.

What goes up, must come down.

What goes up must also go down.

Satyr releases his inner beast.

Jeju lifeguards demonstrate the mouth-to-mons resuscitation technique.

Roadside blowout sign.

Where's her Goldfinger?

The Jolly Green Giant tickles the little man in the boat.

These gals have a bone to pick with Love Land.

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