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Frank Sinatra

What the world needs now is a new Frank Sinatra/So I can get you in bed. - Cracker, "Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)"

Of all the nerve! Hacker & Miss Herve

Ran across this YouTube video called "Frank Sinatra" by Berlin-based French disco diva Miss Kittin & The Hacker. As a devout Sinatraphile (Sinatra's the greatest singer of the 20th century. Period.), I don't know how I missed this vid, which I love. Miss Kitten and the Hacker are Caroline Hervé and Michel Amato. Apparently, Miss Kittin played Baltimore's Sonar last year.


Directed by Chester McDougan

Here's an earlier video of Miss Kittin channeling Kraftwerk:

"1982" - MISS KITTIN

Miss Kittin's (real name: Caroline Herve) interest in music was spurred by her parents' record collections, which covered everything from disco to funk to classical to jazz. The Grenoble, France, native found herself attracted to the rave scene of the early '90s, and within three years of becoming involved, she started performing her own DJ sets. A major break came for the producer/DJ when she received bookings for the ~Dragon Ball events in Southern France. In 1996, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and joined the Mental Groove Records posse. A trio of early productions on various-artists compilations were scattered throughout 1996 and 1997. By 1998, she fell in with the International Deejay Gigolos camp, debuting on that label with the Champagne EP. With the Hacker, Miss Kittin released First Album in 2000, which combined clubby production work with new wave pop sensibilities. She has also leant her vocal and remixing skills to several other producers, including Golden Boy and Felix da Housecat.
- Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

Kittin, a former French pole dancer, and Hacker, a one-time hardcore headbanger, combine forces in a decidedly sleazy niche, but it does make for disarmingly catchy music. Its simple New Wave synth beats and Kittin's (a.k.a. Caroline Herve) deadpan delivery make it easy to imagine you're lounging in a Eurotrash strip joint, circa 1977, as scantily clad dominatrixes torture willing customers.
- Ken Micallef (Amazon user review)

Miss Kittin & The Hacker CDs:
Champagne! CD maxi-single (1998)
The First Album (2001):
"The reigning queen of the new wave/electro revival, Miss Kittin's debut with partner-in-crime The Hacker, proves to be a Miss who is distinctive enough to take the 80's-influenced genre to innovative levels. Mixer Magazine has included the artist in their top wrap up of 2002. Includes the infamous X-rated single 'Frank Sinatra' plus '1982'. "

"The 1997 single "Frank Sinatra" is more shocking for its spot-on electro atmospherics than for its lyrics, proving that Hacker's punk years were a valuable tutorial for success 2002-style. Throughout, Hacker spins weird little theramin squirms, horror halo tones, and chunky beatbox handclaps, while Kittin discourses about trading sex for cash ("Stock Exchange"), ambitious disco queens ("Nurse"), and, of course, the burlesque life ("Stripper"). First Album is really a one-song affair, but its alluring message is so kitschy, kinked, and campy, the song never sounds the same." - Ken Micallef (Amazon user review)

I Com (2004)
I Com 2-CD import (2005)
Mixing Me (2005)
Hometown/Dimanche CD single (2007)

"Frank Sinatra" Lyrics:
Everynight with my star friends
We eat caviar and drink champage
Sniffing in the VIP area
We talk about Frank Sinatra..
"You know Frank Sinatra?"
He's dead!

To be famous is so nice
Suck my dick
Kiss my ass
In limosines we have sex
everynight with my famous friends

Suck my dick
Kiss my ass
so nice . . .
VIP area. . .
Frank... Frank Sinatry

Motherfuckers are so nice
Suck my dick
Lick my ass
In the mix we have sex....
Everynight with my favorite friends..

Frank.. Frank.. Frank Sinatra

Everynight with my star friends
Shake your body like the dance
Stupid smiles and autographs
This is a song for France
Everynight with my star friends
In Limosines we have sex.

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