Saturday, November 03, 2007

1 Billion Indians Can't Be Wrong

Talegu Idol Presents: The Condom Song

"No need to be shy use one with a smile"

It may seem strange to see Indians singing the praises of condoms in a nation of over one billion people...but maybe that's the point! And you have to love the Bollywood musical treatment and Teletubbies colors. I like that Nirodh the "Condom Friend" takes on powers of a Hindu deity: "I am a shield, I will protect you" and "I save you and increase your longevity." And he's good-natured (a good quality in a condom!) and poetic ("You desire for sex with multiple partners" and "For momentary sexual pleasure you go to great lengths").

And, of course, I love the graphic cartoon depiction of gay sex (this from a land where kissing scenes in Bollywood movies are considered taboo!):

Instructional scene from Indian Condom Song

Thanks to Caprice for, as always, finding the weirdest videos on the 'net.

CONDOM SONG - TELEGU (6:58 minutes)

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