Sunday, November 04, 2007

All Asian Girl

My New Favorite YouTube Channel

All Asian Girls( is actually a guy and he's very open about his interests. He likes Asian women, especially Japanese women and specifically model Aiko Tanaka:

(To see a compilation of Aiko's TV work, which includes appearances on Howard Stern, Jay Leno, DisMissed and Soul Train, click here.)

He also collects videos of Asian girls kissing. These gals really know how to kiss. They could probably conduct seminar workshops. And I don't think any of them would have trouble tying a cherry stem in their mouths, a la Audrey Horne (Sheryl Lee) on Twin Peaks.

Here's his After School Special compilation:

And finally, here's his Three's Company Mono Mix:

This is like a 3-course meal, with finger and toe-sucking thrown in for good measure in a smorgasborg of skin and spittle.

On a similar note is Stadt Trossingen's Lesbian Kisses site:

Good night nurse!

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