Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Brian Billick: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

I read the article in the Baltimore Sun today about Brian Billick, who whined that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti never told him why he was fired. As one Sun reporter put it: "Did he really have to?"

I have your answer right here, Brian:


That was your regular season record in 2007. With a franchise record nine consecutive losses. With two losses to the "powerhouse" Browns and Bengals. And that howler in Pittsburgh that's sure to be a big hit on the next edition of "NFL Follies."

'Nuff said?

So man up and stop being a cry-baby - I'm sure you'll get over the hurt of having to sit on the couch this year while collecting 5 million dollars for not coaching the Ravens. Sure, you were 13-3 the year before. But the year before you were 6-10 and ever since you've been here as a purported offensive genius you've had an offense whose point totals looked like soccer scores, surely one of the most boring and unimaginative offenses in the history of the NFL. Elvis (Grbc) has left the building. Like Trent Dilfer. And Kyle Boller. And, soon (hopefully) Steve McNair. None could make the Offensive Wizard's turgid gameplan's go.

So keep yourself busy with pep talks to the troops in Iraq and maybe you could use your experiences with the Baltimore Sun (who had the audacity to print your win-loss record) to give seminars on media relations.

Are we done here, Brian?


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