Monday, February 11, 2008

Perversion Japanese Style


The Japanese have a thing for panties. Especially (like Elvis) white panties. Not thongs, not g-strings, but good old-fashioned schoolgirl tightey whitey panties.

Take the TV series Colorful.

EXHIBIT 1: Colorful Anime

I ran across this anime oddity at Record & Tape Traders one day and the hentai brazenness of its single-minded subject matter screamed out to me and required immediate purchase. According to the Anime News Network website, Colorful concerns "the adventures (and mis-adventures) of Men, staring, peeking, glacing, looking, glaring at women and their efforts to get that extra eyefull of harmlessly exposed panties, bra, and occasional cleavage. Following at most, a few regular males and the outragious concequences of their actions."

That said, it's surprisingly good and well-made, its abrupt jump-cut editing style and linked vignettes approach reminding me of MTV's Liquid Television.

Below is a sample clip from Colorful Episode 1:

Here's some background from fan Charles Solomon:
The 16 miniepisodes (seven minutes apiece) in this TV series aired on the Wonderful anthology in 1999. Based on a manga by Tarajiro Kishi, the vignettes have a single theme: teenage boys and grown men making idiots of themselves to stare up girls’ skirts and down their blouses. The results of all this voyeurism is a veritable epidemic of nosebleeds–a Japanese symbol of arousal. The participants in this parade of repressed hormones make Bill and Ted look like intellectuals. Director Ryutaro Nakamura uses constantly shifting graphic styles, processed live action, cut-outs, drawn animation, and computer graphics to infuse some variation and visual interest into the repetitive material, but it’s a losing battle. Colorful isn’t gross enough to be offensive, it’s merely sophomoric and silly. (Rated 17 and older: nudity, sexual humor, alcohol and tobacco use).

The Japanese Giantess Phenomena

I can't even begin to fathom this kink fad.

A huge up-skirt photo op!

Remember, never look up a woman's skirt unless you want to die. Payback's are a (giant) bitch.

Scantily Cos'ed Cosplay!

Nor can I fathom the cosplay phenomenon. It's like a sexy/perverse version of what Trekkies and Star Wars geeks do at fan conventions.

White panties - exposed, of course!

To see more of the crotchety super heroine shown above, watch this clip:

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