Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Garage Sale at HonFest 2008

The Boys of Summer: Garage Sale

My Flickr uploader is on the fritz, so here are pix of my fave Baltimore band GARAGE SALE performing Saturday, June 14th, at Hampden HonFest. I may hate the played-out crass commerciality of "Hon"-ness, but I sure do love these boys who've been providing Charm City with hot rockin' surf/garage/mod bug-music since 1994. Sweaty Fashionista bass player Dave Cawley (who defied the day's heat and humidity to wear his long-sleeved Mod t-shirt and jeans) later claimed that the band went over so well that they ran out of their Pointless Summer CDs to sell afterwards. "No kidding - we sold all three of them!" he effused, while mopping his Beatle-banged brow.

So here are The Fab Four at their rockin'est - and sweatiest!

Up Close & Personal: Big Dave Cawley

"Ready, Skizz? John? Dave? Alright fellows, let's go!"

Up Close & Personal: Long John Irvine

"My plaid is superbad!"

Up Close & Personal: Dave McD

"You ain't so groovy" Dave tells the crowd.

Up Close & Personal: The Skizzer

"Hmm, nothin' like an Absinthe Ice Cooler on a hot summer day!"

Skizz deadpans during a rim shot


All Together Now!

Garage Sale: Now brought to you by Heineken!



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Did they change their name to Falls Road?

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