Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why I Want To Sell My House...

...and Move Into An Apartment:


Basement flooding, a crappy sump pump that doesn't work (eff yew Cranston Plumbing!), a new hot water heater, a new central air/HVAC system, broken garbage disposal, broken lawn mower, Baltimore County housing code violation for peeling paint necessitating $1,500-worth of house painting just this past April, downed wires that took BGE six weeks to fix, more basement flooding, dead phone line (eff yew Verizon!) and now my latest tragedy on the home front...loose slates requiring a massive roof repair! It's only another couple thousand dollars - after a while, it adds up into real money!

This is a God's-eye view of my rustic roof:



Blogger G said...

on friday i spoke with a person that relayed the most unbelievable story about bat infestation in her home in montgomery village (in montgomery co. kinda near gaithersburg). she claimed that when they bought the home it was pristine....the family went through $80K, rabies vaccinations and horrifying bites from blood sucking parasitic beetles that attach themselves to bats (and people). she also said a fountain of guano poured out of the walls that had to be knocked down...
i was explaining that the museum was hosting a bat encounters show along w/all of our backyard science activities....she couldn't wait to take the kids to see it! her story made me NEVER want to buy a house...

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Geoff Anderson said...

I know someone who sold his house in Miami because he also got fed up with all the problems that never ceased to come. Good thing he was able to find buying agents who were willing to purchase his home despite its condition. Instead of making improvements, he just resorted to moving to a new environment. He had lived in the same neighborhood for three decades anyway. I guess it was about time.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Monika Lucas said...

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