Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning Redux

More Documents and Detritus from the Domicile-Dustbin

As the Spring Cleaning project continues, I find more forgotten files, decaying documents and rusting ruminations...

Here's my 1996 City Paper review of Todd Stachowski's band The Rock Stars...

"A Rock Star Is Born":
Todd Stachowski Creates a New Shock Wave
No Cover column
City Paper, February 28, 1996

Hmmmm, this scrap was interesting because it has two of my zine reviews for Eileen Murphy in the City Paper's old "Imprints" column. I loved Selwyn Harris' sleazily snarky Happyland (and I kinda loved culture cutie Eileen Murphy too, as I recall)...the Rock Beat International zine was a bonus discovery as it mentions two of my fave cult singer-songwriter heroes, Alex Chilton and local boy Tommy Keene. Incidentally, the editor and publisher of Rock Beat International is Geoff Cabin, who apparently is an even bigger Tommy Keene fanatic than I am; he recently published The Tommy Keene Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to the Music of Tommy Keene (iUniverse, 2007) - needless to say, an essential purchase for anybody keen on Keene.

Happyland and Rock Beat International
Imprints column
City Paper, September 13, 1995

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