Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maryland Cornholin'

Apparently, Maryland now holds a Cornhole Cup & Beerfest competition every year. Will someone please explain this phenomenon to me? Because everytime I hear the word "cornhole" I snicker like Beavis and Butthead ("I am Cornholio!"). At the very least, I think they should consider changing the name, because when I hear the word "cornhole" I envision hillbillies pulling down Ned Beatty's tighty whiteys in Deliverance and...well, it's not a pretty picture. I mean, how many words have such a diverse definition, one referring to a bean-bag tossing variation on the game of horsehoes, the other referring to backdoor lovin'? The cornhole game is also known as "tailgate tossing," but since Brits call people who stroke their John Thomas "tossers," this too takes on a randy meaning!

No way I can wear this shirt!

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