Friday, December 04, 2009

Frederick Wiseman Guide To Perverse Sex

Answering a patron's question about Frederick Wiseman films, I stumbled across Errol Morris' hilarious appreciation of the "Most Perverted Sex Scenes" in his fellow documentarian's films. The list, posted on The Daily Beast, includes:

  1. Masturbating the monkey in Primate. Humans are portrayed admirably as evil primates.

  2. Castrating the wolf in Zoo. A group of female veterinarians are castrating a wolf.

  3. The dildo in High School II. Fred has a gift for filming condom demonstrations. Middle-class white students are provided instruction how to put a condom on a huge black dildo...

  4. The dildo in Public Housing. Yet another condom demonstration, this time featuring black teenage mothers being instructed how to place a condom on a small white dildo. You gotta see this one!:

  5. Semen collection in Racetrack.

As Morris wryly observes:
"Humans rarely look as depraved and as silly as they do in a Wiseman film."


Anonymous patti jo said...

it was in her face a lot. A tough job. thanks Tom I learned a lot especially since it's too late. already have four kids.

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Secret Sex Guide said...

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3:45 PM  

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