Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reasons To Be Happy

Despite being completely broke recently (I had to break out the peanut butter-and-jelly supplies!), I was perked over the last few days by these rays of sunshine peeking through the gloom.

1. Buzzcocks @ Ottobar on May 12, 2010. Great fun!
2. I discovered the Shananigans Toy Shop in Roland Park. What a great place! Amy and I bought a bunch of those "slogan bracelets" people started wearing for various causes, like Lance Armstrong's "Strong," only these were cool ones that said stuff like, well, "Cool," "Dysfunctional," "Metrosexual," "Wicked," "Rock Star," and "Only Child." Amy formed a sentence with hers: "Cool Dysfunctional Only Child." Wow, like a zen koan.
3. Shenanigans employee David made my day when he said, "Hey, you're the Atomic TV guy. Bang, that's wild!" He said we used to make his late nights, coming home to watch us on City cable.
4. Also at Shenanigans, a young woman in line said, "Oh, you're the library guy, right? You've helped me a lot with your film suggestions, I really like them!" I was beaming by now. "Wow, I said, I actually helped someone with something other than directions to the bathroom?"
5. Today when I made my afternoon coffee run to Dunkin Donuts, my friend Reema gave me a DVD of a Bollywood film I've been searching for forever, Babbar Subhash's Disco Dancer. I had mentioned to her that I had heard the theme song in, of all things, a Russian short film caled PAL/SECAM and then had seen a few YouTube clips. It looked crazy!

Watch the "I Am a Disco Dancer" theme song.

Reema remembered my interest and, when she went home to India for Mother's Day, brought back the DVD - for free! I must tip her extra - for the rest of my life!
5a. Oh, forgot to mention that as I left the Dunkin Donuts sound system was playing the Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls." Life is good.

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