Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dave Cawley!

September 6, 1961 - Present

"Well preserved, eh?"

Happy birthday to Dave Cawley! In his last year of 40something eligibility, Dave gathered with friends - carnivores and vegetarians alike - at the popular downtown pan-Asian eatery XS. We sat at upstairs at an out-of-the-way cubby hole table because Dave - quoting Adam West as Batman when he refused to dance the "Batusi" in a go-go club - said "I shouldn't wish to draw attention to myself." (Yeah, right - Dave Cawley the Wallflower!)

Dave received many wonderful presents, including DVDs of Britpop band Supergrass and his beloved Looney Toons cartoons (recommended for ages 5 and up) and a book about contemporary alternative cartoonists, but his fave present may very well have been Amy Linthicum's crossword puzzle-wrapped gift of three Buzzcocks CDs that - stop the presses! - avowed Buzzcocks completist Dave Cawley did not own! Yes, Amy's package included the Howard Devoto-era Time's Up recordings, as well as two live bootlegs, 30 and French.

"Gee, is this pour moi???"

"Should I finish the puzzle before unwrapping?"

"Three Buzzcocks CDs; I'm a lucky boy!"

"You might wanna write this down, Dave."
Skizz helps Dave determine the date of his next birthday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David looks even better than when I met him almost 20 years ago. Hot stuff! Ps, I am not a man.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We want more Dave Cawley-oriented stories, please! P.S. We are not men.

6:21 AM  
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