Thursday, November 04, 2010

Getting a Grip On Myself

"Not yet. Not..."

I had a Blade Runner moment last night while reading Buichi Terasawa's manga Goku: Midnight Eye.

All of a sudden an arthritic spasm passed through my hand and it turned into a balled-up claw. Paralyzed by what I call the "AARP Death Grip," I dropped the book (apologies to Dave Cawley, who graciously loaned me the book!) and clutched my hand, powerless to do naught but watch the crippling spasms deform my hand.

It reminded me of Rutger Hauer as Nexus-6 replicant Roy Batty who, mid-battle with Harrison Ford's anti-hero detective Deckard, screams "Not yet. Not..." as he drives a spike through his hand to offset the onset of rigor mortis.

I had no spike readily available, but I did pop a couple of Advils. (How do you spell relief?)

Arthritis sucks, and I'm afraid that by the time I finally give up the ghost my death will not be proud and I will be a disjointed, misshapened pincer-clawed lobster boy.


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