Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Glib DJ Kip Larkin My Doppelganger?

DJ Kip Larkin (R): “Hey, Byron Orlok, you really blew my mind.”
Byron Orlok: "Obviously!"

Jon Swift just watched Peter Bogdanovich's cult classic Targets (1968) at today's Central Library film screening and came down to tell me, "Now I know why you love that film so much. It's got your doppelganger in, that hippie DJ guy!"

That would be the uber-glib hippie pothead "Kip Larkin," played by Jewish standup comic Sandy Baron. When Kip Larkin tells Orlok that he's seen so many of his movies that it "blew his mind," Byron Orlok responds with "Obviously!"

When he wasn't cracking jokes, Sandy Baron took time out to pen the lyrics to the Lou Rawls song, "Natural Woman." Baron's wife Geraldine appears in the movie as his space cadet girlfriend.

Now I guess I have to add Kip Larkin to my burgeoning list of dopplegangers. I actually had a George Peppard Banacek-style bang haircut for a while in high school. Very ill-advised, in retrospect!

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