Friday, June 16, 2017

Pictures of a Photogenic Patriarch

The Warner S. Warner Photo Album

My father's recent passing left me in possession of most of the family photo albums. Following are some of the better pics of our photogenic patriarch, William S. Warner (aka "The Duke"), that I discovered digging through the plentiful photo archives. (Consider this a photo slide show, posted here to save having to haul out a ton of boxed-up photo albums!)

William S. and Howard H. Warner, babes in arms

Even before Blakehurst, Duke was a croquet veteran

In Navy coat outside Forest Park home

Dressed to chill in a stylish hat

Bowtie Bill with Baby Billy Jr.

Mother "Bo" takes over holding Billy Jr.

Duke with wild Elvis Presley hair, holding Billy Jr. below the famous Yardley Taylor Loudoun County, VA map

Dad with his dad, Dr. Howard H. Warner, holding Billy Jr., and Aunt Muh, Evergreen Farm

Aunt Amelia and "Carnation Harry" Soulsby flank my dad with Billy Jr. Harry was dad's father-in-law. My mom's mother died following childbirth; she was raided by Harry and "Auntie"

Dad holding up the pillars of Evergreen Farm

Dad holding Nancy Stewart Warner (named after his late twin sister) while Billy Jr. sits on a footstool

Downy Ocean with Billy and Nancy

Downy Ocean with Germ and Duke in their finest Run DMC Adidas leisure wear

Lieutenant William S. Warner, U.S.N.R.

As a pilot on the Galapagos Islands

On Galapagos, there wasn't much to do except get Blackie the goat drunk

Drinking in the Galapagos Officers Club (third from left)

Duke astride his flight school training plane

Playing ball at flight school. I used to think this was my dad, but I think he's actually on the bench, far right

Fly Guys: Dad far left

Dad trained to fly on one of these birds

Looking spiffy in his Navy khakis

Looking spiffy in his trunks

The We Flew Crew (dad is third from right)

My favorite photo of the Duke as a WWII pilot

Ensign William S. Warner gets his gold wings

Lieutenant commander William S. Warner

My mom LOVED a man in uniform

Lieutenant William S. Warner weds Emaroy Soulsby Warner, January 24, 1945

Forest Park High School, Class of 1940

Forest Park Senior Class photo (Duke is in the middle, back row)

Getting up middle of the night to quiet baby Billy Jr.

Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. chillin' in the summertime

Dad holding Tommy Warner, back yard of Lanark Court home, Rodgers Forge

Duke cuts the cake with grandchildren Billy G. and Ashley Taylor Warner

Duke with Ashley Warner, the Murphys and Joe Minutelli

Duke & Germ on holiday

Duke & Germ: Emaroy and William S. Warner in full steppin'-out mode

William and Emaroy Warner

Ole! Duke goes native in Spain

"On guard!" Duke and "Beeeel" (son-in-law Bill Aspinwall)

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille." Dad in front of fireplace, 6314 Bellona Avenue

Beeler Boys Duke and Larry: Dad with brother-in-law Bob Soulsby

At the Chicoteague Seafoofd Festival

Having a cool brew with Tommy Brager and friend at Seafood Festival

Slurpin' down oysters with Tommy Brager at the Seafood Festival

Dad, mom, Tommy Brager, Candy & Billy Warner at Seafood Festival

"You're marrying Beeel, Nancy?" Dad and Nancy Warner

The proud parents at Nancy's wedding to William Aspinwall

The Warner Family getting ready to head to Church of the Redeemer for Nancy's wedding

Giving away the bride, Nancy "Hanks" Warner

Broker About Town Bill Warner at Stein Bros. & Boyce

"Buy! Sell! Hold!" Broker Bill Warner at work

The navy blue blazer broker look

Bill Aspinwall with Bill Warner

Getting dressed up for Wigstock
Gone fishing!

Having a cocktail with daughter Nancy on sun porch of 6314 Bellona Avenue

Four generations of Bill Warners

Family get-together at 618 Blakehurst

Continuing the Family Line: William S. Warner, Ashley Taylor Warner and William S. Warner Jr.

The patriarch with his progeny: "Fathead" Tommy, Nancy and Billy Jr.

Duke in sexy summer shorts

At a PBM Mariner flyers reunion

Down on the farm with his dad, Aunt Muh and Billy Jr.

Billy Jr. with Bill Warner Sr.

Emy, Nancy, Bill and Tommy Warner, 1968

Duke and "Bo" with Billy Jr., Evergreen Farm, Lincoln VA

Holding Billy Jr. on porch of Evergreen Farm

Hitting the greens

WSW, TSW and WSW Jr. at 618 Blakehusrt, Towson

Duke the bon vivant, with Bloody Mary in hand

Tommy flanked by mom and dad in New York City

Holding court in his famous chair, 6314 Bellona Avenue

Amy Warner with the Duke at Billy G. Warner's wedding in Northeast, 2014

Dad, Billy Jr. and friend Lou Fleury at his 90th birthday celebration, Blakehurst

Dad flanked by Harry Bowie and Steve Strachan at Billy G. Warner wedding, 2014

William S. and Thomas S. Warner at his 90th birthday celebration, Blakehurst

Four Bills at Duke's 90th, Blakehurst: Billy G.m Billy Jr., Bill Warner Sr. and Bill Aspinwall

Duke, the chick magnet at his 90th birthday party, Blakehurst

Duke opens Christmas presents at 618 Blakehurst

Warners at Elsie O'Malley's 90th birthday celebration: Amy, Tommy, dad, Billy and Candy Warner, Bill Aspinwall

"I like to lead when I dance, Elsie!" Dad with his Blakehurst girlfriend Elsie O'Malley

"Be still my heart!" Dad after dancing with young chicky Jan Seiden at a Pratt Library charity event

Bill Warner and Elsie O'Malley

Dad with me and Bill Aspinwall and Nancy Warner Aspinwall

Duke in the kitchen, 6314 Bellona Avenue

At the Blakehurst Memorial Day Picnic, May 29, 2017

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