Tuesday, April 11, 2023

A list of Atomic TV on DVD releases

A funny thing happened on the way to the Dollar DVD Bin...people actually mistook Atomic TV for a legitimate media outlet! Who knew? But here we are listed - like a penny stock on the New York Stock Exchange - as a legitimate entity...an accredited media outlet whose work warrants inclusion as a "bonus extra" on the following DVDs and Blu-rays. Biggest of thanks to Dave Wright and his friend Bruce for tracking down the Dr. Lamb Blu-ray! Of our mainstream media legacy, Scott Huffines adds, "I also remember the Howard Stern TV show used a clip [probably of Underdog Lady] and we were also on Fox 45 News." Oh, and I've heard there's a shot of me interviewing reviled porn director Max Hardcore (Paul Little, who died in March 2023) in the trailer for Max Hardcore 9 (a credit I'm all too willing to forget!). Following are some reviews of DVD releases featuring Atomic TV "Special Features":

Dr. Lamb (1992; Unearthed Films Blu-ray, 2022)

Indie Horror Films - Review: Dr. Lamb Text © Richard Gary / Indie Horror Films, 2022 “The last featurette is the Atomic TV Interview with Simon Yam (9 min), which is the only one of the four documentary extras that is archival, from a 2000 Anime convention. Yam discusses his overall career.” MCBASTARD’S MAUSOLEUM DR. LAMB (1992) (Unearthed Films Blu-ray Review), August 2012 “In the 16-min Atomic TV Interview With Simon Yam the actor talks about various film roles including a near fatal incident on the set of Bullet in the Head.”


It's funny, I had forgotten about our impromptu interview with Simon Yam until my friend David Wright mailed me a copy of the "Dr. Lamb" DVD. I recall that my friend Dave Cawley and I used to go to the first couple of Otakon anime conventions at Baltimore's Convention Center (before it moved to Washington, D.C.) because we liked to check out the merchandise in the Vendor's Room. But in 2000, I got a press pass for Atomic TV and brought my camera along to take video of all the colorfully dressed cosplayers and fanboys and fangirls. I don't think I even knew Simon Yam was there (I believe he was there because his model wife did anime voiceover work) but, as was the guerilla-style aesthetic of Atomic TV, seized the opportunity when I spotted Simon Yam in the hallway. Quickly springing into action, I asked Dave to be my cameraman while I asked Simon some spur-of-the-moment questions. Dave and I were both big Hong Kong Cinema fans (dating back to the days when we used to buy bootleg movies from Potung Trading on Park Avenue in downtown Baltimore), so Dave was more than willing to help out and afterwards posed for a selfie with Simon. - Tom Warner

Tom Warner interviews Simon Yam at Otakon 2000

Simon Yams sings the Atomic TV theme song

Dave Cawley with Simon Yam at Otakon 2000

The Prince and the Nature Girl (1964; Retro-Seduction Cinema DVD, 2017)

Third Eye Cinema DVD Review: Prince and the Nature Girl (Doris Wishman), November 13, 2017 “Extras include a 4m excerpt from Maryland local show “Atomic TV” covering the 1999 Maryland Film Festival, with brief footage of Wishman, John Waters and of all people, the B-52s Fred Schneider (!).” Mondo Heather Mondo Fever Dream: Doris Wishman’s The Prince and the Nature Girl, December 6, 2020 Text by Heather Drain “With this release from Pop Cinema, we get a handful of terrific supplements, including trailers, three vintage nudist short films, an amazing segment from the Baltimore Public Access show, Atomic TV featuring Doris, John Waters, and writer/Wishman biographer Michael Bowen.”