Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good News from Iraq

Thanks to Gayle Grove (Senator Theatre manager, border collie enthusiast and obsessive-compulsive collector of all things Natty Boh) for sending me these "Boh Outside Baltimore" news updates from the National Bohemian web site ( It looks like there are some National Reserve Bohemians deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and they have even made a Boh Bomb (pictured left)!

Wally writes from Iraq, "This picture is of a bomb that we were going to make a memorial for the unit and the soldiers we have lost here. Unfortunately it is not authorized to go through customs so our plans have changed. SGT Cowan, did the wonderful paint job on the bomb casing. And of course we had to make it a Boh Bomb."


And here's another posting from Wally about his unit's Natty Boh truck: "Good week to all, here is another picture from the deployed Bohemians. Pictured is Sgt. Ben F. (right) and SPC Paul S. (left). This is their assigned truck. It is also the first one to carry Mr. Boh into Iraq...I hope these pictures help Baltimore feel the part they are playing in this OIF. We have lost some good soldiers, but they are not forgotten, and we will keep on truck'n."


And in the picture at left, Wally shows off the Natty Boh flag while commenting:

"This is me with SGT McKinney, he is one of the behind the scenes guys in the maintenance section. He pretty much falls in to take care of the important inspectable areas of a maintenance section. Definitely worth his weight in gold. We would not be as good as we are without him. Please take notice of the patch on my shoulder. I had that made about 3 months ago, about the same time as the guidon. I am not too sure if he enjoys the beer as much as I do but I hope he chooses to enjoy a few with me at the completion of this deployment. I have some other pictures that should be ready by next Sunday. The company is picking up on Mr. Boh. Of course we put the stencil on all of the trucks now, so the guys and gals are excited to get a picture into me with the idea of seeing themselves on the website. I hope this helps your cause. The Iraqi people will be seeing a lot of the one eyed mascot. The hat was sent to me by my daughter Holly. Love you Holly. A couple of soldiers have told me about times when they have had someone come up to them and ask if they were from Maryland, due to the Mr. Boh on their trucks. I thought that was pretty cool. Well with all we are accomplishing here, maybe Mr. Boh will be seen on CNN on"

Wow, could Mr. Boh become the most famous one-eyed soldier in the Middle East since Moshe Dayan? Or will the Iraqi people think he's an American casualty who caught some eye shrapnel from a road bomb? Stay tuned!

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