Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Electoral Booty

Today as I was getting my coffee, I saw a news report on the cafe TV that shouldn't have shocked me, but it did. With all the big issues facing the American electorate in 2008, we continue to waste our time with distractions like reality TV, American Idol and its legion spin-offs and (of course) sex. Long before Republicans plan to play the race card, Obama supporters barelypolitical.com have decided to play the sex card with the OBAMA GIRL video, starring "actress-model" (a fancy-schmancy term for "hard body") Amber Lee Ettinger (who looks a lot like a top-heavy version of adult film star Jayna Oso). (BTW, fans of Ms. Ettinger's thespian skills can see her emoting in Bikini Bandits 2: Golden Rod.)


And yesterday, a follow-up video entitled OBAMA GIRL VS. GUILIANI GIRL was released, with Alpha Obama Girl Amber Lee leading her puss posse against the booty shaking Giuliani Girls.


On his adrants blog, Steve Hall got it exactly right when he commented that,
"This, my friends, is what's become of American politics. Bootylicious asses and big boobs are the new determining factor in the selection of America's next President. It's no wonder the rest of the world sees us as a bad sitcom about Catholic School girls bursting out of their Wonderbras and pleated plaid minis like faux high school strippers on Photobucket who must resist restraint from bible-thumping nuns with repressed feelings of sexual inadequacy and ban-everything cause groups run by their cousins.

On the other hand, this is ever so insightfully brilliant such as when Bulworth's Warren Beatty non-nonchalantly exclaimed, "If we all fucked each other, we'd eventually end up the same color." Why fight the obvious and apparently rampant desire of all Americans - a nice piece of ass to jack off to while deciding the fate of our country over the course of the next eight years? It's really very simple and does such a wonderfully nice job "resonating" ever so appropriately with the American public's prurient interests.

Suddenly, we feel very dirty and have a powerful urge to move to Iceland. Or somewhere. Anywhere."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I cast my vote on character
Assessment as made by
Media pundits, if with their
Rationale somewhere laid by--

Rather mislaid: this changeling thing
Called "character" is like
Chameleon, as the praises sing
TV shows. I liked Ike,

But not so much as anyone
Whom these pundits applaud;
Votes they have cast, or deeds they´ve done
Count no more than a fraud.

What care I for a voting record
When bimbos on TV
(Whom I perhaps had gladly peckered)
Are happy telling me,

Albeit with a serious tone,
That "questions" have been raised--
False rumor with the certain known
Made equal, coolly phrased.

Why should a rumor, innuendo
Be treated just like fact?
Well, I was busy with Nintendo
When school taugh things abstract

Like measuring one´s words to deeds,
Or gauging proposition--
No, I followed the TV´s leads,
Its prepackaged rendition.

Why, if I read the tally once
Of how a joker voted--
My candidate--the slightest glance
Might shock delusion bloated.

2:50 PM  

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