Friday, June 20, 2008

Bang a Gong, Get It On



I first saw a snippet of this insane video "Asian Drumming Sex"...

... in a scene from the Zellner Brothers indy comedy Goliath, which screened at the most recent Maryland Film Festival back in May 2008. When someone asked David Zellner after the screening about how he discovered this video oddity, he attributed it to "the wonder that is surfing The Internet."

Hmmm...I wonder if this clip is taken from the Kanamura Matsuri, aka Japanese Sex Festival, held every April in Kawasaki, Japan? The festival celebrates the vanquishing of a demon that lived in a woman's vagina and would bite off the penises of her lovers - that might explain those devil masks on the men.

Japanese Sex Fest cheerleaders

But regardless of where the video came from, as a former drummer I applaud these ladies for their remarkable ability to keep the beat while multi-tasking!

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