Friday, September 26, 2008

Katsumi Comes Calling

The comely Katsumi

When I expressed excitement on hearing that Katsumi (now called "Katsuni" after she was barred by a French judge in January 2007 from using "Katsumi" when a woman named Mary Katsumi sued her) - my favorite adult film star* - was coming to dance at Baltimore's Fantasies Nightclub in October, my co-worker Ross mentioned he had a tape of her on Howard Stern's On Demand TV show. It was a lame parody of James Lipton's Inside the Actor's Studio television show (already brilliantly spoofed by Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live) called Inside the Porn Actor's Studio with Richard Christy.

Inside the Porn Actor's Studio w/Richard Christy

Hardcore Gone Limp: Katsumi on lame Howard Stern spoof

Host Christy had the soft-spoken part of the parody down pat, and the intermittent hand-clapping bit, but that was it. Pretty dumb one-trick pony idea, if you ask me, and the studio audience of wack pack mooks were even more lame - especially the nerd kid in the front row who was too chicken to drop trou in tit-for-tat exchange for Katsumi popping her toppings. But I enjoyed listening to Katsumi, the charming and intelligent 29-year-old Lyon, France-born porn star with the Japanese name (she got it from a Japanese manga character's name) who is actually half-Vietnamese (her Dad) and half-French (her Mom). Katsumi is also a polyglot who speaks several languages, including Latin (though, curiously, she didn't understand the word coitus when Christy used it). For the record, Katsumi told Christy her favorite word is gourmandise and her least favorite word is sperm ("Such an ugly word for something so beautiful"). When Christy asked her what she thought God would say to her when she reached the Pearly Gates, she responded, "You have too much pleasure to give; go back to Earth." A hearty applause followed.

Katsumi is huge in France, where she has her own TV show, and has always struck me as The Audrey Hepburn of Porn, able to ooze oodles of class even when her degenerette male porn partners are oozing other substances all over her beautiful body. As such, she deserves better. I for one would like to really know why someone so gorgeous chose this career path; the real James Lipton would find out.
* (Note: While Katsumi is my favorite active porn star; my all-time fave remains the now-retired Suzi Suzuki.)

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