Monday, June 06, 2011

Trax on Wax is The Vinyl Solution

Trax on Wax
709 Frederick Road
Catonsville, MD 21228
(410) 869-8729
M-F : 11-8
Sat : 11-6
Sunday : 12-4

Expecting a long, late show rocking out to Belfast's Stiff Little Fingers Sunday night at Bourbon Street, Amy and I planned to take Monday off (I had to use up a furlough day, anyway), so Monday afternoon we finally made it down to Catonsville's vinyl-only record store, Trax on Wax. We were wrong about being out late at the SLF gig - it was only an hour or so, but we're glad we went to see the seminal Irish punk-popsters. And we're glad we headed to Trax on Wax, as this store (run by former Record & Tape Collector employee Gary Gebler) is our favorite new "real record" record store!

As usual, Amy the discerning music shopper really scored, bagging a motherlode of "black plastic with a hole in the middle." While I scoured through bins of Frank Sinatra records I already owned, she adroitly scavenged the new and used bins with breathtaking efficiency, picking up four Pete Shelley records (Homosapien, XL-1, Heaven and the Sea, and a "Telephone Operator" 12-inch EP) - thus adding to her burgeoning Buzzcocks Completist she scored two Godley & Creme LPs (L and The History Mix Volume 1) - thus adding to her fledgeling-but-already-burgeoning new obsession of recollecting all the 10cc and 10cc-related records she sold after discovering punk rock in 1976 (ah, the follies, faults and foibles of fickle-minded Youth!)

Amy back in the day: "Hmmmm...I wonder if I'll regret selling my 10cc records to pursue this new punk rock craze?"

Amy was especially thrilled with her History Mix score, as this was the Trevor Horn/J.J. Jeczalik (Art of Noise) collaboration LP that saw Godley and Creme remix songs from their career with 10cc ("Rubber Bullets," "Minnestrone"), Doctor Father, and Hot Legs. It also featured the single "Cry," which was was popular enough to be played on the TV show Miami Vice and for which Godley and Creme produced a groundbreaking "face morphing" music video that got quite a bit of airplay on MTV. Godley and Creme used analog cross-fading to create their 1985 morph video, years before the technology advanced leaps and bounds in Michael Jackson's famous 1991 music vid "Black and White."

Watch Godley & Creme's "Cry" music video.

"Envy me!" Amy say, holding up her Godley & Creme LPs

Amy scores Pete Shelley's debut solo long player

Good Call! Amy holds up "Telephone Operator" 12-inch

Along with El Suprimo Records in Fell's Point (where the taste and collection admittedly gets a bit more eclectic and off-the-wall), Trax on Wax is a vinyl junkie's dream.

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