Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mobbin' On Up!

Mobbies 2012 Results

The Baltimore social media election results are in! Self-promoting bloggers and (I s'pose) regular Internet users voted online from Oct. 29-Nov.9 to choose Maryland's best blogs and social media accounts in The Baltimore Sun's fourth annual Mobbies. And guess what? Accelerated Decrepitude was Baltimore's 21st favorite "Personal Blog."

It was kind of surprising to me, because I didn't even know I was nominated - figuring nobody outside my ever-diminishing immediate social circle (which, laid end-to-end, would cover the circumference of my bathroom) had even heard of my pointless ramblings (much in the way I barely know more than a handful of the blogs and social media accounts listed on the Sun's Mobbie's site). I was glad to see Scott Carberry's Baltimore Boy (I subscribe!) and the supremely talented Alex Fine's Alex Fine Illustration make the list - this is elite company to rub elbows with.

But believe me, I'm not worthy of anyone's attention, because...well, a picture is worth a thousand words, no?:

Truth in Advertising: So true, dat!

See full "Best Personal Blog" results below:

Best Personal Blog - Witty Title Here I'm just a girl standing in front of a guy asking, "Do you smell that?"

2) Sex In Baltimore
3) Lunch at 11:30
4) So You're New to Baltimore
5) Boyfriend, Please!
6) Maryland Sports Blog
7) Quirky Musings of a Coffee Connoisseur
8) Charm City Rants
9) The Attic Girl
10) Tales of Two Cities
10) WheelSee dot net
12) Governor O'Malley's Blog
13) #HappyRUNNING!
13) A Charmed City
15) Make Lemons...
15) Musings from a Grey-Haired Goddess
17) From the Scratchpad of An Urban Bushwoman
18) Sarah Says
19) 990 Square
19) BarnBugStudio
21) Accelerated Decrepitude
21) Alex Fine Illustration
21) Chicken Nuggets Of Wisdom
21) Deena's Days
21) Post Grad
26) Kimberly Shorter
27) AnnieRie Unplugged
28) Baltimore Boy
28) Bone in its Teeth
28) Life in Pink
28) Ms. Charm's Chic
32) Alexandra Dougan
32) Felis pushkini / Pushkin's cat
32) KRHtoday
32) Please Be My Louisiana
36) Elita Sohmer Clayman

Then, when I scrolled down the 2012 Mobbies Results web page, I saw that Atomic TV - the public access TV show Scott Huffines and I started way back in 1997 - was Baltimore's 4th favorite "Video/Web Series"! Who knew?

Kudos really go to Scott, because he is the Chief Technology Officer when it comes to blogs and web sites, having brilliantly designed, converted, uploaded and maintained ATV's presence on the Web!

Following are the full results in this category:
Best Video/Web Series - Russell Street Report (Goobvision) Hilarious Ravens videos and Steelers bashing.

2) Rapid Eye Media
3) Baltimore Weekly
4) Atomic TV
5) Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
6) Inverse Delirium Podcast
7) Showbeast
8) Monolith 

Scott Huffines and Tom Warner concoct "Baltimore Or Less."

Scott and I also started the Baltimore Or Less blog a few years back. Now that's a good blog, mainly because workhorse Scott again came up with a great design and keeps the site updated with daily postings about sides of Baltimore people don't usually see. It's oddball, it's outre, it's funny, and totally entertaining - I don't know where Scott finds half the stuff he posts, but I'm glad he does. Journalism runs in his family, and he has certainly picked up where his dearly departed mom Jackie Nickel left off (needless to say, she would be proud of Baltimore Or Less!).

Yet, surprisingly, nary a mention. There is no justice in the world.

Typical Baltimore Or Less content

By the way, Sun foodie guru Richard Gorelick deservedly nailed the No. 1 spot for "Best Sun Blog" for his Baltimore Diner column. Quite right, that! It's essential reading because if Richard likes an eatery, it's always worth going there. Imagine: a food critic with good taste!

Anyway, as Eeyore would say, thanks for noticing me. And on behalf of Scott, thanks for noticing us.

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