Saturday, May 27, 2006

Role Model

On the way into work today, I noticed a guy walking down the street with his family of four kids. In itself, this was nothing out of the ordinary. But as I passed Dad, I saw a familiar logo on his t-shirt that caught me offguard. It was one of those "Stop Snitchin'" shirts with the big red stop sign on the front and the slogan "You have the right to remain silent" on the back.

What a great role model this father must be for his kids, I thought. Great values to teach them. Hey Dad, how about an alternate, more realistic slogan to teach your kids with, one borrowed from the AIDS Awareness Movement: Silence = Death.

Remember the Dawson family? Angela Maria Dawson and six of her family members were killed when a suspected drug dealer intent on preventing her from "snitchin'" to police firebombed her East Baltimore rowhouse in 2002. Or how about Edna McAbier, who complained about drug running in her neighborhood, only to see her home firebombed by suspected gang members? I wonder if the "Stop Snitchin'" Dad could sense the irony and hypocrisy inherent in a family man missing the whole point of their sacrifice.

The "Stop Snitchin'" Dad. A true Baltimoron.

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