Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jim Gray Is a Weasel

Snide. Bitter. Slimy. And completely lacking a backbone. These are all words that have been applied to ABC sportscaster Jim Gray, most famous for his Pete Rose ambush, his phantom Allen Iverson phone conversation, and many other sports journalism gaffes too numerous to mention here.

But what really gets my goat is seeing this little weasel - I mean, the guy looks more like an accountant than a sportsman, with his pale pallor and Barney Fife physique - go on MSNBC's DAN ABRAMS REPORT to defend Michael Vick's dog-fighting indictment by saying, "Let's not rush to judgment here. Remember, these are just allegations. and there's a presumption of innocence in the American justice system." Ah yes, and there's also a presumption of unbiased sports journalism despite people like Gray so obviously having their heads stuck up the National Football League's hiney-hole. Gray even erroneously compared the Vick case to the rush-to-judgement against the Duke lacrosse players, which Dan Abrams quickly knocked down by pointing out that that was a one-time allegation based entirely on one person's (discredited) testimony.

Yeah, Jim, a real rush to judgement, dating back to allegations from 2001. Way to stand for your NFL buddies (conflict of interest?) and be a man, Jimbo. C'mon, Vick had 66 dogs on that compound of his - was he breeding them for best in show? Was he a SPCA man? They found 44 dog corpses on that property Jim!

Jim Gray is completely loathsome. Just like that thug Michael Vick, who thinks an animal is just a plaything to be disposed of at his whimsy. I don't care if Vick was or wasn't on the property (which is the basis of his defense) - he owned the place and 66 dogs and 44corpses just don't happen by happenstance. Even if the NFL (conflict of interest?) says so.


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