Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Gonzo Diet


After seeing Alex Gibney's new documentary GONZO: THE LIFE AND WORK OF DR. HUNTER S. THOMPSON at the Maryland Film Festival this past weekend, I dug out my old Spy Magazine issue that printed Thompson's alleged daily regimen. After seeing this documentary, I don't believe there's a hint of hyperbole in it.

The Daily Regimen
(or, Things Go Better With Coke, etc., etc.)

3:00 pm rise
3:05 Chivas Regal with the morning papers, Dunhills
3:45 cocaine
3:50 another glass of Chivas, Dunhill
4:05 first cup of coffee, Dunhill
4:15 cocaine
4:16 orange juice, Dunhill
4:30 cocaine
4:54 cocaine
5:05 cocaine
5:11 coffee, Dunhills
5:30 more ice in Chivas
5:45 cocaine, etc., etc.
6:00 grass to take the edge off the day
7:05 Woody Creek Tavern for lunch - Heineken, two margaritas, two cheeseburgers, two orders of fries, a plate of tomatoes, coleslaw, a taco salad, a double order of fried onion rings, carrot cake, ice cream, a bean fritter, Dunhills, another Heineken, cocaine, and for the ride home, a snow cone (a glass of shredded ice over which is poured three or four jiggers of Chivas)
9:00 starts snorting cocaine seriously
10:00 drops acid
11:00 Chartreuse, cocaine, grass
11:30 cocaine, etc., etc.
12:00 midnight Hunter S. Thomspon is ready to write
12:05-6:00 am Chartreuse, cocaine, grass, Chivas, coffee, Heineken, clove cigarettes, grapefruit, Dunhills, orange juice, gin, continuous pornographic movies
6:00 the hot tub - champagne, Dove Bars, fettucine Alfredo
8:00 Halcyon
8:20 sleep


Anonymous Snoopy said...

Sounds good to me!!! I think I like more food though. Snoopy has a better diet over at SnoopysStore.com

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