Friday, May 09, 2008

Video Americain in Baltimore Magazine

Tapeheads: Scott, Barry & Mike

Congrats to my pal Scott Wallace Brown and Team Video Americain for being featured in the May 2008 issue of Baltimore magazine ("As Time Goes By") and for celebrating 20 years at their Cold Spring location! At the height of the Video Amercain Empire outlets stretched from the founding store in Newark, Delaware to Takoma Park, with erstwhile outposts in DC's chic Dupont Circle, promising Lauraville, and soul-less Towson (where I once worked and was either flattered or insulted by the patron who asked one day, "You look like you watch a lot of porn, what adult films do you recommend?") but the Roland Park store, featured in two Hollywood films (The Accidental Tourist and John Waters' Serial Mom) remains my favorite. God knows it's easier to park there then in Charles Village! Anyway, kudos to my fave cineastes and their legendary emporium.


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