Thursday, June 25, 2009


Rick Prelinger's Blog

Rick Prelinger

Rick Prelinger is the man - the moving image archivist's archivist. Once again Scott Huffines has turned me onto an outstanding blog, Prelinger's Blackoystercatcher. Prelinger is also on Twitter (

Here's Prelinger's great post about the predominance of the "narrative arc" in contemporary documentary filmmaking: Taking history back from the "storytellers"


Blogger majskyking said...

So, Tom Warner ...I came across your site by accident while trying to view a comment about the Ross Sisters.
Quite an interesting accumulation of stuff and utilization of a lot of words when only a couple would have sufficed.
Needless to say, at 75 years of age, your site showed me that I am definitely out of the loop. I thought I was a pretty hip dude, but no-o-o-o-o....not as hip as I had imagined myself to be.
Actually, in the day I was "hep", not "hip". Don't quite remember when "hip" replaced "hep", but then again, there're lots of things I can't remember.
Thanks for the blurb about McMahon and Allen Sherman. Nice work.
Back to "hep" for a moment....I seem to remember a song, back in the day, of course, entitled "I Was Hep Before It Was Hip To Be Hep" A very "hep" song, but I can't remember all the words! Duh! Nevertheless, I was a "hep cat" at one time....alas, no more. Can't jitterbug to rap "music". No more "bobby-soxers", no more poodle skirts, no more crinolines (ask your mom about crinolines if you don't know the meaning), no more Stan Kenton, Four Freshmen, Hi Lo's (or hi-fi's, for that matter), no more bitchin lowered and leaded '51 Ford Victorias (complete with black and white leather "tuck and roll", no more lots of neat stuff....not even at Big Lots.
Fuck it.
Love your stuff and will get back to your site as soon as practible.
Bob King

5:40 PM  

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