Saturday, July 09, 2011

Slickee Boys Balto & DC Farewell Shows

July 2-July 3, 2011

Following are Jim Moon's great video clips of the Slickee Boys farewell shows - after a 35-year run (1976-2011) - at Baltimore's 8x10 Club (Saturday, July 2, 2011) and on their home turf the next night at DC's 9:30 Club (Sunday, July 3, 2011). Boy, it pays to be 6-2 and have a good camera - and a good eye! Good work, Jim!

Slickees at 8x10 Club (7-2-2011)

Watch "This Party Sucks" at 8x10 (7-2-11).

Watch "Gotta Tell Me Why" at 8x10 (7-2-11).

Slickees at 9:30 Club (7-3-2011)

Watch "Going on the Way" and Glendora" at 9:30 Club (7-3-11).

Watch "Gotta Tell Me Why" at 9:30 Club (7-3-11).

I really like the following clip of original drummer Dan Palenski singing his signature Alice Cooper cover "I'm Eighteen" with Kim Kane on drums and Mark Noone strumming guitar! Then the Slickees cover "Steppin' Stone," with Noone still on guitar.

Watch "I'm Eighteen" and "Steppin' Stone" at 9:30 Club (7-3-11).

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