Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Renaissance Festival

Saturday, September 3, 2011
Crownsville, Maryland

OK, my dumb brain FINALLY figured out how to upload all these pix and vids from my much smarter "smart" phone. Here they are - duly uploaded so I can clear out some space on my smarty pants phone.

What, no ironic trucker hats???

I've seen this kinda garb on women before - late night, talking to truckers on Pulaski Highway!

Wine and Alchemy

The Texas-based "world fusion" group Wine and Alchemy was the first band Amy and I encountered upon entering the Renaissance Festival. They caught our eye because one guitarist (multi-instrumentalist Mark Varelas, as we learned later) was playing a sitar - and playing it quite well! While his sitar gently weeped, an attractive (and very fit) bellydancer did her thing on stage, which screamed "photo op" to me. I certainly enjoyed her body of work. Her name was Megan, as we learned later when Amy purchased a Wine and Alchemy CD from her, as the hard-working Megan walked through the crowd hawking Wine and Alchemy's wares.

Human Slinky Megan bellydanced to the accompaniment of Wine and Alchemy

"Wow, I think I wanna learn bellydancing," Amy commented afterwards.

"You could combine it with your hooping workouts," I countered. "You could belly-hoop - for an exotic and aerobic workout."

That's another body of work I would enjoy immensely.

Watch Wine and Alchemy play a song.

Watch Wine and Alchemy play another song.

Mediaeval Baebes

From the MB's second set:

Watch the opening number of the Medieval Baebes' second set.

Watch another song by the Mediaeval Baebes.

From the MB's third and final set:

Watch the Baebes set closer.

The Baebes exit, stage left

Medieval Motor Morons

I didn't catch their name, but I enjoyed the time-warping sounds of this percussive ensemble at the 2011 Renaissance Festival.

"These guys should jam with Sam Fitzsimmons!" Amy astutely assesses.

Watch "Medieval Motor Morons."

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