Friday, October 28, 2011

My Fave Dave Raves

One man's favorite Berserk songs on video

I was doing some Fall cleaning on my computer last night and dug up these videos gathering dust in my hard drive. They represent my favorite songs by Dave Cawley, erstwhile bassist in my favorite Baltimore band from the '90s, Berserk. Giant robots! Ultra 7! These are the songs that defined a generation of otaku pop-punk-purists - at least in Dave's Cawley's mind.

Watch the Berserk - "Giant Robots" music video.

Baltimore's Berserk play their classic '90s anthem, "Giant Robots" - Dave Cawley's love song to a boy's best friend.

Now watch Berserk play "Giant Robots" live at Ottobar (2005).

Grand finale number from Berserk's Reunion Show at Ottobar, February 7, 2005.

Watch the Berserk "Ultra 7" music video.

Unfortunately, this great song is only available on a Go Kart records compilation record, Go Kart Vs. the Corporate Giant. Forget Wall Street - Occupy the Corporate Giant and seek it out!

Now watch Beserk play "Ultra 7" live at Ottobar (2005).

Dave Cawley continues his love letter to Japan ("How do I love thee, let me count the ways...") with his sonic celebration of Ultraman (and, for vegan Brent, burritos that contain no meato). From the Berserk Reunion Show at the Ottobar, February 7, 2005.

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