Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adolf Kowalski's "Maryland Musician" Column

Back in the '80s, I used to love reading Adolf Kowalski's column in Maryland Musician. I used to clip 'em and save 'em each month, but can't seem to find any these days. I think they were discovered by the stink bugs and squirrels in my attic who lacked an appreciation of fine literature (except as snacks). I did manage to salvage this column from 1988 called "It's the Little Things or Kiss My Axe," wherein Adolf says you don't have to have some tricked-up Guitar Magazine-lauded superguitar to be superbad; anything will do as long as it's got six strings. (I was gonna say, "and know how to play," but Half Japanese dispelled that fallacy!)

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Blogger dturim said...

time warp, this brings me back. was this boomer wallflower reporting, channeling rimbaud in the voice of lester bangs, or vice versa? don't answer that, answer this: tommy boy, there must be another way of writing you than this.
send an email, not a fb-bot, to turim in seattle.
if you read this. if you don't, well, don't.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Tom Warner, Almost Hip Guy said...

Weegee, eh? Hey, I was in a band with a Squeegee (no relation, I'm sure). Hey DT, if you get this, send me a linbe at's my non-FB address!

11:00 AM  
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