Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Refrigerator Archives

Or: I Will Post No More Crap on the Fridge, Forever!

Thursday night I accomplished the equivalent of Hercules cleaning the Augean Stables. My task, equally challenging if not involving horse shit, was to de-clutter my kitchen refrigerator, which was covered on all three sides by magnets, newspaper articles, porn star pics, flyers and all manner of assorted bric-a-crap and pop culture flotsam.

Some thing were instantly shit-canned. But, as a card-carrying hoarder/archivist, I had to scan in some of my more precious crap before I could discard it. Herein are some of my discarded posting gems.

First up, a newsbreaking story about how Dundalk's infamous spree-killer Joseph "Joby" Palcyznski demanded cable TV in 2000 so that he could watch his favorite program Atomic TV after kidnapping Tracy Whitehead and the ensuing stand-off with Baltimore County police.

The Joby-Atomic TV connection revealed in "Hostage Times"

"Hostage Times," page two

This was one of my favorite invites to Scott & Kristen's "Atomic BBQ" parties ("Clothing Optional") in "beautiful Nude Essex":

Below is a classic Reverend Fudgie Dobson-designed flyer for the old Cafe Tattoo on Harford Road. Fudgie's flyers were always awesome; his big shoes have been filled of late by the equally brilliant Alex Fine.

At the time, pre-Internet Explosion, The Jim Rose Circus really was "the greatest show on Earth"! This flyer's from Jim & Co.'s Hammerjacks appearance back in the late '90s.

Gallant always stayed on message as a Goody Two Shoes, but Goofus really hit a new low post-Hip Hop Era. Step to the mic, bitch? Hey now!

The Lonely Hog Callers put on a great live show, with a wildman singer who reminded everybody of Dennis Hopper. This is a flyer from their 1996 Frederick show. Alas, The Beatles (tentative) didn't post.

Midnight Moods was a Bump Stadleman DJ promotion at the height of the Ultra-Lounge Craze, 1996, at Club Midnite - which is now the world (tri-state?) famous Ottobar.

I always loved this personal I clipped out of some paper. I wonder if it for real?

The St. Paul's School for Boys Class of 1975 had a 20th Anniversary Reunion on the Brooklandville campus back in 1995. Yours truly attended (first row, second from left, looking very "fierce"!). That's Hampden Junque co-owner (and retired St. Paul's teacher) Michal Makarovich front and far left (how appropriate!) next to me.


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