Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Celebrity Lookalikes

This is me. Now check out my clones.

Were We Separated At Birth?

1. Carson Kressely (My Couture Cousin)

2. Keith Urban. (I wish! Dude looks like a lost brother of the Gibb Brothers Tribe)

3. Julian Sands (We have that manly, Slavic jaw thing going on)

4. Martina Navratilova (It's frighteningly true!)

5. Bob (Frank Silva) from TWIN PEAKS (Fear me!)

6. Charlie Watts (Definitely. And I played drums, too!)

7. Martin Short (Some say.)

8. Nick Gilder (Maybe when I had long hair. Does anyone remember "Hot Child in the City"?)

9. The Greaseman (DC 101 DJ Don Tracht) (When his hair thinned, he looked like me on Steroids)


10. Kato Kaehlin. (Conair the Barbarian!)

11. William Hurt (The resemblance is hurtin' bigtime.)

12. Tom Petty (Used to get this all the time when I was gaunt with long, straggly hair.)

13. David Spade (I do love his "No Can Do" attitude!)

14. Southside Johnny of Asbury Jukes fame (God what an ugly fucker!)

15. Jimmy Smits (Maybe if I was retarded, going by this photo.)Well, there you have it People Watchers. Please lemme know if you can think up any more. Suggestions are always welcome. But please limit submitted likenesses to mammals.


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