Monday, October 17, 2005

Know the Toe

Thanks to Scott Huffines for sending me yet another amusing link, this one from the newspaper column "Ask Leslie" about a concerned godparent afraid that his/her godson might be on drugs because the lad's been looking for "camel toads" at the local pool!

If you're blind, like me, you might wanna read the big print version here:
Scouting for Camel Toads at the Pool

Obviously the godparent had misunderstood "camel toe," which is described by the urbane folks at Urban Dictionary as "a very aesthetically pleasing phenomenon, whereby a woman's venus mound is clearly discernable under the snug fabric of her lower garment." A classic textbook example of this phenomenon is shown on the gal at left, below:

But camel toe isn't restricted just to slutty, drunk domestic skanks; it's a worldwide phenonema, as this photo of Miss Afghanistan in her hot pants reveals. In just three years under our influence, that country has moved from Taliban to Toeliban. Democracy in action!

And, in a related story, male "camel toe" (AKA "moose knuckle") was spotted on a Mexican in our own backyard, Ocean City, Maryland, by the hawk-eyed (or is that "fish-eyed") experts at Camel Toe Report. The Toe Report is amazingly thorough and funny. In fact, all the photos shown here are from the big Toe site. Their male toe listings are quite amusing - quite a few rock stars like Andy Gibb and Bon Scott turn up. Who knew that when Harry Shearer stuffed that cucumber in his pants in Spinal Tap he was creating an early version of Male Toe/Moose Knuckle?

Further Resources for Concerned Godparents:


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