Thursday, February 16, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

They still exist.

Pump It Up!
Last week I went to Towson University's fitness center to torture my aching bones with a pointless exercise in futility (commonly known as a "workout") and when I returned to my car in the parking garage, someone had slipped a note under the windshield. It read:
Your left front needs abt. 10 lbs. of air...Not good for Beltway, hey? I got an auto-air pump at K-Mart for $14. Wal-Mart has them @ good price tew [sic].
- Ted

Thanks Ted! My tire was low on air, a result of me absent-mindedly driving over those stupid concrete blocks they put in some parking lots to prevent idiots like me from driving over them. God I hate those things!
I put the requisite 10 lbs. of air in them and learned that air is no longer free at gas stations (75 cents at Exxon! - no wonder they have record profits this year).

Cheers Kim!
No wonder Kim Clijsters is the WTA's most popular female tennis player. Check out this offer she made to her fans (from CBS

Clijsters to offer Champagne to fans at Diamond Games

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Kim Clijsters will offer every fan at her Diamond Games home tournament this month a bottle of Champagne to celebrate reaching the No. 1 ranking.

"Kim has taken the initiative to thank her fans," tournament organizer Bob Verbeeck said.

It could be a costly gesture for the Belgian, who won't play at the tournament because of the ankle injury that forced her to pull out of last week's Australian Open semifinals.

The Sports Palace in Antwerp can hold 10,000 fans and each bottle costs about $30 in stores. Her prize money so far this year, $226,475, should just about cover the cost.

She was to have been the main attraction at the Feb 13-19 Diamond Games tournament in Antwerp, which is played less than 100 kilometers (60 miles) from her home. She will be out for at least another seven weeks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know Ted or was that note trying to pick you up? You can also get a penis pump or vacu-jac for around 14 bucks, they are also good for inflations.

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