Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thank You, Friends

Thanks to all the friends and family who turned out May 31, 2006 for my sister's funeral service at the Church of the Redeemer. Special thanks to Big Dave Cawley (King of Men), who took the day off from work to pay his respects to my sis - he knows all about family loss, having lost both of his parents back to back, over the last few years, to cancer - and Scott Huffines, who hobbled in despite a ghastly leg wound and blood clot, and Scott's nurturing mom Jackie Nickle (who made sure a limping Scott didn't fall down), Jay Berg and Melissa Darwin (fellow SSA employees who took time off from work to attend the service) and Kenny Vieth of Henninger's Tavern (who took time off from overseeing the making of Baltimore's best pan-fried oysters wrapped in spinach with a Pernod and fennel sauce). Kenny got compliments on his dapper suit and new hair product that produced an eye-catching, forehead-dangling Elvis curl. Here are some pix from the occasion.

Jay Berg (l) stands to attention while an ailin' Scott Huffines (r) inclines to recline:

America's Sweethearts: Tom and Amy (l), Kenny V. and Big Dave C (r),

Kenny V. and Melissa D. glam pose (l), while Tom and Dave try to glom off Kenny's glamour (r):

The 3 Stooges (l) and The Dynamic Duo (r) - my nephew Billy G. and his pretty GF Katie:

Blonded by the Light: Sister-in-law Candy, niece Ashley, nephew Billy G. and his sweetie Katie:


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