Thursday, March 01, 2007

Caffeine Awareness Month

I Know An Old Man Who Swallowed a Fly...

I read on Yahoo news today that Marchi s Caffeine Awareness Month, a celebration of America's favorite addiction (90% of us consume it daily and it's the most widely-used drug in the world). The addictive power of one particular caffeine delivery system - coffee - was illustrated this morning when I went in to get my morning wake-up cup of Joe at the corner cafe. I got the last dregs of almost empty pot, just enough to make one cup, but as I was stirring it, I saw what I thought was part(s) of a fly in it. I tried to scoop the insect remains out with my coffee straw stirrer, but wasn't sure I got it (them) all. But instead of tossing the cup and waiting for the coffee shop staff to make another pot, I accepted my fate and obeyed the caffeine code. I drank my morning fix, fly parts and all. That's Caffeine Awareness for you!


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