Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Great "Greatest" Debate

OK, so Roger Federer won his 15th major, eliciting the great debate over who's the greatest all-time men's tennis player. Like my brother says, it's a pointless debate because you can't really compare different eras, with different levels of competition (look at Sampras' era with Agassi, Courier, Lendl, Becker, etc. versus Federer's with basically one guy who pushes him - Nadal), different surfaces, different equipment, different rules (i.e., the advent of the tie-breaker, the Hawkeye challenge system, etc.). For number of majors, sure Federer has won the most. But I think this video of Mats Wilander weighing in on the matter says it best.

Mats Wilander/Experts Weigh In on Federer's 15th


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Mintz here. Nice to see some interest in pro tennis! I agree that Wilander did a great job framing the debate, and it's hard to take issue with his perspective. Having grown up with the likes of Laver, Rosewall, Emmo, Conners, Bjorg, Lendl, Mac and Sampras, it's a tough call. Have to say, though, that in terms of all the tennis ingredients, Federer's game is perhaps the most "complete" of all time.

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