Monday, February 22, 2010

Dave Cawley on "New Fist of Fury"

"A man should shed blood, not tears."
- David Cawley
(after watching "Marley and Me" but a code of honor applicable to all martial arts movies, as well)

I promised Dave Cawley I'd reprint his "Tightwad Video Guide" to neglected classics of the martial arts. No one knows kung-fu fooey like Dave Cawley and no one loves New Fist of Fury, the 1976 Jackie Chan remake of the 1972 Bruce Lee classic The Chinese Connection (aka in Hong Kong as Fist of Fury - but not to be confused with Fists of Fury) more than Dave Cawley. And, not to be outdone in his love of fisting, no one loves the 1994 Jet Li remake called Fist of Legend more than Dave Cawley - but that one came out after his '92 review and, so, from Skizz Cyzyk's legendary COUNTEROID Fanzine, I give you Dave Cawley's two-fisted review of the film men like to call...:

New Fist of Fury
"Tightwad Video Guide" column
COUNTEROID Fanzine (1992)


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