Saturday, January 08, 2011

Fast Food, Slow People in Dundalk

Food for thought, food for bookings

Home sick due to a bad cold, my Dundalk-native girlfriend Amy suddenly had time to catch up reading back issues of her beloved hometown paper, the Dundalk Eagle. Since she works in law enforcement for Baltimore County, her favorite section is the Police Blotter. The December 30 issue was an especially active one for food fights in Dundalk. In the wake of our New Year's Day lunch at the Hibachi Grill and Buffet on Eastern Avenue (which completed her trifecta of dining at three all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets in 24 hours, as documented in "Little Amy Linthicum: Big Buffet Babe"), she came across this story about an altercation that occurred there just days before our visit to this bargain-priced (for most people) all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant.

Tempers flared for one hot head at Hibachi Grill


Dundalk Eagle, December 30, 2010

Then, Amy came across a police blotter report about another one of her favorite Dundalk eateries, the Denny's on Merritt Boulevard.


Dundalk Eagle, December 30, 2010

Amy had just eaten there this past Friday and was afraid she'd end up in the police blotter after almost getting into an altercation with her mother - who kept insisting that Amy complain to management about the lack of sausage in her Sizzlin' Pan Skillet. (Though Amy didn't want any sausage, her mother apparently did.) The domestic dispute was resolved without incident when Amy's father finally interceded and said, "Will you forget about the damned sausage!"

Stay tuned for more breaking food news in Dundalk as it happens!

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Anonymous Juliana L'Heureux said...

As a native of Dundalk, my sympathy to the community. Dundalk will quickly rise again, my prediction from a person who remembers how life used to be.

7:35 AM  
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